Why we think every home should have an Android Box

android box on demand
 The days of sitting in and flicking endlessly through television channels seem to be numbered with almost all big networks in the US such as FOX and HBO as well as Sky in the UK and Ireland reporting their worst quarterly ratings yet. This is no coincidence and there seems to be little that these huge networks are doing about it. The main reason ratings are falling is because people have become obsessed with watching their favorite shows on demand and the TV networks have been slow to catch up with this trend.

seem to be very popular and it is easy to see why. They are a very cheap alternative when compared with paying expensive TV bills to companies that can costs as much as $90 per month. For the price of 1 months subscription you can purchase an android box that will allow you to access Netflix and many other apps where you can watch your favorite shows when you wish.

Companies like Sky have tried to compete by offering their own on demand service and whilst this has helped they were still 5 years behind products like the android box or amazon firetick which has also become popular. On demand TV and movies is the future and TV networks need to figure out a way on how they can make money this way instead of traditional TV advertising as eventually advertisers are going to the way of the internet if ratings continue to fall.

Every home soon will have some sort of streaming device whether it be an android box, firestick, minix neo or even just streaming directly off of their laptop it is something that is going to happen. The android box in our opinion is the best option as it allows you to access more than just TV and movies and you essentially have your own entertainment system with this box. For more information on the android box checkout https://www.androidtvaustralia.com where they have some good articles on the boxes and what they can do.

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